Online Learning

Please check back for information on online classes, dance activities and other educational materials that are appropriate for a variety of age groups and family members.


learning Resources can be found on the following pages:

  • #LHSDancingAtHome
    • Online Dance & Fitness Classes by LHSD Faculty
    • Online Class Login Information
    • Bedtime Ballets with Becca
    • Worksheets & Dance Colouring Pages
  • Dance Training & Educational Resources
    • Online Dance Resources – For Young Students
    • Online Training Opportunities – For Senior Students
    • Online Creative Prompts
    • Educational Websites & Blogs


Preparing for online classes

To make everyone’s online learning experience easier and more effective, please read the following list before participating:

  • To participate students must have remitted a signed LHSD registration form & waiver in for the current year. New students may download from the Registration & Fees page. Electronic signatures are acceptable.
  • Note that the Leica Hardy School of Dance nor their instructors accept responsibility for injury or damage to property during online classes.
  • Class offerings are subject to change, pending interest and participation.
  • Please download the Zoom app and do a test drive with a friend before participating in any online classes. Please familiarize yourself with the controls for muting, views etc.
  • Zoom links for each class will be distributed to registered students via email.
  • At the start of all classes students will log into a ‘waiting room’ and then be given access by the instructor/host.
  • Check your surroundings for slippery surfaces, adequate space to kick, and overhead clearance for arm movements.
  • As much as possible, please try to provide your child with a distraction free environment so that they can participate
  • During classes, instructors may mute or ask students to mute their audio to reduce background noise, and students raise their hands to ask permission to speak.
  • Make sure you are well lit, but that you are not backlit with strong lighting or you will turn into a silhouette on the screen.
  • Try to position your camera at your waist level and far enough away so that there is a ‘balanced’ view of your whole body from head to toe.
  • Note that your internet quality will improve if there is only one streaming device in the household during class times and quality may also improve if all other devises are put on airplane mode.
  • When taking online classes please wear close fitting garments in solid colours that are a good contrast to your background.
  • Assemble the following fitness equipment for stretch & strength classes to the best of your ability: tennis or rubber ball, yoga mat or stacked beach towels for padding, exercise band, yoga blocks or books, stability ball in the correct size for your height.