September 2022Rebecca Wolfe 2013

  • Sept. 5: Labour Day
  • Sept. 7: Public school starts
  • Sept. 10: LHSD classes start. Please take note of the specific start date of your class/teacher on the Dates of Instruction document.
  • Sept. 10-16: Fall term fees due
  • Sept. 17: North Woodside Flea Market – no scheduled classes today with Michelle or Becca. Classes running as usual with Leica.
  • Sept. 24: Classes cancelled due to hurricane Fiona.
  • Sept. 26: Power restored to the building. Classes resume tonight.
  • Sept. 30: Truth & Reconciliation Day


  • Oct. 10: Thanksgiving Monday ­‐ no scheduled classes today
  • Oct. 14: Replacement classes for Oct. 10
  • Oct. 28: Replacement classes for Oct. 31
  • Oct. 31: Halloween – no scheduled classes today


  • Nov. 11: Remembrance Day
  • Nov. 12: North Woodside Kris Kringle Craft Fair – no scheduled classes today
  • Nov. 15-21: Class viewing days for Fall term. Information TBA.


See the Dates of Instruction document to confirm your Winter term fee due date and your last class before the holidays.

  • Dec. 4-10: Winter term fees due
  • Dec. 20-Jan. 3: LHSD holiday break. Note that some classes will end prior to Dec. 20.
  • Dec. 21-Jan.2: Public school holidays

January 2023

  • Jan. 4: LHSD classes resume
  • Jan. TBA: Ballet exam fees due


  • Feb. 14-19: Class viewing days for Winter term. Information TBA.
  • Feb. 20: Heritage Day – no scheduled classes today


  • March 5: Daytime ballet exams – no scheduled classes today
  • March 6: Daytime ballet exams – Monday night classes may have to start at a later time.
  • March 11: Parent Participation Day. Information TBA.
  • March 13-19: Public school March Break
  • March 13-24: LHSD March Break
  • March 21: Ballet exam fees due.
  • March 26-Apr.7: Spring term fees due. See Dates of Instruction document to confirm your fee due date.


  • April 1-7: Spring term fees due. See Dates of Instruction document to confirm your fee due date..
  • April 7: Good Friday
  • April 10: Easter Monday – classes running as usual
  • April 29: International Dance Day


  • Mid-May: Showcase production & costume rental fees due
  • May 20: Victoria Day weekend Saturday. – classes running as usual
  • May 21: Victoria Day weekend Sunday – no scheduled classes today
  • May 22: Victoria Day week3end Monday – classes running as usual
  • May 28-June 3: Class viewing days for Spring term. Information TBA.


  • June 1-3: Class viewing days continue for Spring term. Information TBA.
  • June 15: Final day of scheduled classes
  • Saturday, June 17: Annual Student Showcase dress rehearsals & performance at Alderney Landing Theatre

July & August

  • Summer class information TBA.



This year has been another wonderful adventure in dance for Dominic. Thank you for that touch of magic that has touched all the dancers! – Susann Curry, mother of Dominic

All photos this page by Cathy McKelvey.