General Information


2024 Annual Student Showcase

The annual student showcase will held on Saturday, June 15, 2024 at Alderney Landing Theatre, Dartmouth. Please note that production and costume rental fees for the annual showcase are not included in term fees and will become due in the Spring term.

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Missed Classes

There are no refunds for missed classes. Students are entitled to make up any classes they have missed within the term. Missed classes may not be carried over to the following term. Please consult the instructor for a recommended make up class.

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Attendance & Lateness

Students should arrive at the studio with enough time to be properly attired and mentally prepared for the start of class. Lack of a complete warm-up at the beginning of class puts students at risk of injury and affects their physical readiness for centre work. It is requested that parents notify the office in advance when your child will be absent from classes. Please note that this is particularly important during preparation periods prior to examinations and the annual recital.

Viewing Classes

Parents are invited to observe classes during the month of September until their child is comfortable in the classroom. For the remainder of the year classes may be observed on designated viewing days. They will be viewable either online or live, pending provincial health safety directives at that time. (See Calendar for specific dates.)

This is a wonderful way to show support for your child’s efforts and the perfect way to gain a greater understanding of the special world that they are participating in. It is requested that viewing guests assist in providing students with the best possible learning environment by not engaging in conversations or other activities that will disturb the class while it is in progress.

The policy is designed to give students the best possible learning environment on a weekly basis, but also to give parents the opportunity to view their child’s progress in class. We particularly ask that parents of KiDance 1 and 2 make the effort to withdraw from the classroom by the end of September. This will give the instructors the opportunity to develop their leadership role with the students and for the children to learn how to focus in the classroom with the minimum amount of distractions. Viewing days then become more of a performance opportunity and a greater celebration of their developing skills. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Instructor Changes

The Leica Hardy School of Dance reserves the right to change or substitute teachers as necessary.

Storm Cancellations

When conditions are severe and keeping the parking lot and sidewalks clear is impossible, the North Woodside Community Centre closes for business. You may reach the North Woodside Centre at 463-9276 or go to their Facebook page for storm notifications.

In the event that classes must be cancelled every attempt will be made to notify families via email by 3:00PM for weekday classes, 8:15AM for Saturday classes and 10:00AM for Sunday classes. Storm notices will be posted on the Home and News pages of the website. If a decision must be made after the above times, the office will make every attempt to phone affected students. There are no refunds for classes cancelled due to inclement weather or cancelled due to force majeure events beyond the control of management.

When classes are cancelled please consult the instructor for a recommended make up class.



School communications will be sent to students and parents electronically. To facilitate this please add to to your safe contacts list. To comply with the Canadian Anti-Spam Law registered students must sign the email usage waiver on the registration form each year and keep their email information updated with our bulk mail service.


Leica has high expectations and standards, to which children naturally respond, and she presents them in a way that is fun and always age appropriate. – Marianne Ward, Mother of Vivian

Photos this page by Yukiko Asada, Steve Bone & Cathy McKelvey.