Dance Training & Educational Resources

This page is a list of resources from experts in dance training and movement practices around the globe. We encourage you to explore and learn about anatomy, movement practices, creativity and movement analysis.


Online Dance Resources – for Young Students

  • Go Noodle – creative movement games & dances with silly songs – & also on YouTube – download their app


Online Training Opportunities – for Senior Students

  • Canada’s Ballet Jörgen – online streaming classes with company members – search Ballet Jorgen on YouTube
  • Dancing Alone Together – an amalgam of classes for advanced dancers and professionals –
  • Gaga (New York, Tel Aviv) – 6 classes daily, 7 days a week – search for Gaga Classes Online on Go Fund Me
  • Irene Dowd Choreographies – mobilizing choreographies by world renown dance kinesiologist Irene Dowd –


Online Creative Prompts

  • Dancing Alone Together – follow the ‘Create’ button for a list of creative prompts –
  • Frantic Assembly – instructions for creating chair duets – search ‘Frantic Assembly Chair Duets’ on YouTube
  • Rosas Remix Project – creative prompt by Belgian contemporary choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker


Educational Websites & Blogs

  • Anatomy Trains – anatomist Tom Myer’s ground breaking theories on fascial chains –
  • The Ballet Blog – Lisa Howell’s dance physio site for students and teachers –
  • The Body Series – Deborah Vogel is a dance neuromuscular expert and movement analyst –
  • Cirque Physio – Dr. Jen Crane, travel physio for Cirque du Soleil – safe & innovative stretching techniques –
  • The Fuzz Speech – anatomist Gil Hedley’s video explaining fascia and it’s effect on fascia – search for “The Fuzz Speech Fascia” on YouTube – WARNING: The video shows images of human cadavers.
  • Healthy Dancer Canada –
  • IADMS (International Association of Dance Medicine & Science) – great resource pages for students and teachers –
  • Intension Designs – explanation of tensegrity structures (an integral part of Anatomy Trains theories) –