Registration & Fees


We are now accepting registration for 2020/21. In these unprecedented times the safety of our students and their families, our faculty and the general public is paramount. As of June 21, 2020 all in-studio classes will be limited ten persons, including the instructor and teaching assistant, and follow provincial health safety protocols. Please make yourself familiar with our Health Safety Plan for classes at the studio. If you would like to remain online please contact the office to make those arrangements. See our Online Learning webpage for information on online classes, educational materials and dance web-links. Please also use our social media accounts to stay informed.






  • Registration is for the full year.
  • Partial year enrolment is available pending space in classes. Please contact the office to make those arrangements prior to the start of term.
  • Classes run for 36 weeks (three 12-week terms), including the Annual Student Showcase. Adult programming runs for 35 weeks.
  • By attending classes students and their parents agree to the policies and directives on this website, the Registration Form and the Health Safety Plan. 
  • Students may register by mail, phone or email.
  • Students must complete a Registration Form and Health Screening Questionnaire to participate in classes.
  • To register online:
    • Contact us to confirm your class choices prior to making any payments.
    • Download and complete a fillable PDF Registration Form and Health Screening Questionnaire from the Document Download above.
    • Email the completed Registration Form with your e-transfer payment to Don’t forget to send your security password in a separate email.
    • Bring a signed hard copy of your Health Screening Questionnaire to your first class.


Health Safety & Class Capacity

  • To comply with provincial health safety directives all classes are restricted to no more than 10 persons including the instructor and teaching assistant. 
  • Filled classes will be closed to make up class students and drop-in students.
  • Students must comply with the LHSD Health Safety Plan to participate in classes. Students who consistently fail to comply will be sent home without possibility of refund.
  • Due to the restrictions on class sizes this year, registration priority will be given to students on the following basis:
    1. Full year paid
    2. Term paid
    3. 25% deposit paid on account, or have equal to deposit percentage as a pre-existing credit
    4. Paid drop-in cards
    5. Confirmed participation without payment
    6. Make up classes
  • Class viewing days will be accessible for parents via Zoom, or shared online with password protection for a limited time period.


Cancellations & Changes

  • We reserve the right to cancel classes with insufficient registration. In this event fees for cancelled classes will be refunded. 
  • We reserve the right to change and substitute teachers as necessary. 
  • In order to comply with provincial health directives, we reserve the right to deliver instruction either live or via Zoom as needed. No refunds or reductions will be given for instruction delivered via Zoom. 
  • We reserve the right to change the schedule with the agreement of students and instructors to facilitate Zoom instruction. 



  • Annual fees may be paid in full or in three term payments.
  • Download the Class Fees and Fee Calculator documents to calculate your total. Please feel free to contact the office for assistance.
  • Term payments are due in full on your first day of each term. See the Dates of Instruction document to determine your due dates.
  • Payment may be made in cash or cheque or e-transfer. Please make all cheques payable to the Leica Hardy School of Dance. Please send your e-transfer security password in a separate email.
  • Payment(s) must accompany a completed Registration Form in order to secure a place in class. Please bring a completed and signed hard copy of the Health Screening Questionnaire to your first class.
  • Registration Fee – All students pay an annual $25.00 (HST included) non-refundable registration fee totalling a maximum fee of $60.00 (HST included) per family. Registration is valid from September 1st until August 31st of each year.
  • Costume rental fees and tickets for the annual student showcase are extra.
  • Ballet examination fees are non-refundable once they have been remitted to the Society of Russian Ballet.
  • Students may place a 25% deposit on their account to hold their space in classes prior to the start of the year.
  • Post-dated cheques will not be accepted once the term has started, unless prior arrangements for late payment have been made with the office.
  • All term class fees are non-refundable after the 3rd class of each term.


Receipts, Late Fees, NSF & Withdrawal

  • Receipts –
    • PDF receipts will be emailed the the payer at the time of payment. Duplicate receipts are available for a pre-paid $10.00 fee plus HST. This fee applies to each receipt required.
  • Late Fees – 
    • Late fees will be added to your account for any outstanding amounts on the day following your first day of term. 
    • Late fee rate is 19.99% per annum, calculated on a monthly basis of 1.67%.
  • NSF – 
    • A service charge of $25.00 (HST included) will apply to N.S.F. cheques.
  • Withdrawal – 
    • Failure to attend classes does not constitute withdrawal from classes. 
    • Withdrawal notice must be given to the office (not the instructor) before the before the 4th class of each term. 
    • Prior to the 4th class of the term fees are refundable less the following:
      • The annual registration fee
      • The value of classes held prior to withdrawal notification, whether attended or not. (Class value will be calculated using the single-class rates.)
      • A  $35.00 administrative fee.  
    • Exceptions will be made for valid medical reasons



Class Fees & discounts – General School

  • All term fees are for the full term.
  • Fees will be prorated for students joining after the first week of classes in a term, up to and including the third week of classes. Starting on the fourth week of the term students who not officially registered by submitting a completed registration form will be charged the single class rate for the remaining classes in that term and any classes previously taken in the term.
  • Fees for the General School are on a per class basis and eligible for the Family/Multiple Class Discounts. For full details please see below.
  • Multiple Class Discount – Highest priced General School class is at full cost. The second class of lesser value is discounted 10%.
  • Family Discount – Highest priced General School class of the family is at full cost. General School fees for all other family members are discounted by 10%. Note that due to the discounted fee structure of the Intensive Training and Pre-Professional Training Programs, their fees are not included when calculating family discounts.
  • Discounts are calculated before HST is applied to the total fee.
  • Classes less than .75 hours are not eligible for discounts.


Class Fees – Drop-In Students

  • Single classes & five-class cards are available.
  • Five-class cards must be purchased in full prior to taking classes.
  • Due to health safety directives, drop-in spaces are pending available spaces. Please contact the office by noon to confirm available space.
  • Please present your card before each class for initialing by the instructor.
  • It is advisable to use all the classes in the card within the term of purchase. Cards may be carried over to the next term with the agreement of the Leica Hardy School of Dance.
  • Drop-­in classes are not eligible for multi‐class or family discounts.


Class Fees – Intensive Training (ITP) & Pre-Professional Training (PPT) Programs

  • Fees for the Intensive Training and Pre-Professional Training Programs are based on the hours of classes a student attends per week.
  • In the event that the total cost of ITP fees for three classes is less than or equal to the cost of two of the student’s highest priced classes at General School rates, including the applicable Family/Multiple Class Discount, the student shall pay the next higher 15-minute ITP rate.
  • Only classes one hour in length or longer are considered ‘classes’ when calculating the three-class requirement for participation in the programs.
  • Fees for ITP and PPT students will be pro-rated based upon the student’s start date.
  • As ITP and PPT fees are already discounted they are not eligible for, nor are considered when calculating the General School’s Family Discounts.


Professional & Private Lessons

  • Rates for professionals and private lessons are available on request.
  • Please email the office to book your private lesson.
  • Note the following policies for private lesson bookings:
    • All private lessons are subject to HST.
    • Private classes are not eligible for family or multi-class discounts and are not eligible hours when calculating ITP or PPT total weekly hours.
    • Private class bookings are considered ‘firm’ at the time of booking by the student.
    • Cancellations by the student with less than 24 hours notice, or a no-show, will be charged the full price of the booking.
    • Students who must cancel due to events beyond their control with less than 24 hours notice must notify the instructor to book an alternative class time of equal length.
    • Students who repeatedly cancel bookings will be required to pay for all bookings in advance.
    • In the event the instructor must cancel a booking, they will notify the student to arrange an alternative time. If the student has pre-paid and is not available for the alternative time any pre-payments will be refunded in full.



We are so thankful they are part of this wonderful dance school, and their continual growth and love of dance ‘seals the deal’ for us in so many ways. – Tina Oates-Johnson, Mother of Maggie & Mollie

All photos this page by Cathy McKelvey.